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Credit Card Transaction Import


Import transactions from any card brand

Our credit card transaction import is based on excel or CSV files, which allows us to support virtually any credit card brand.


Fast and easy import

Import process is fast and easy to use. Admin can import transactions to all employees even from one file.

See it in action

How it works: Import credit card transactions into SAP Concur
Main cc import

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Power tools for delegates and travelers

Power 1

300-600% faster expense reporting

EmailXpenC will significantly improve your company's efficiency in expense reporting. Employees travelling only a couple of times in a year will greatly benefit from our Excel based solution. It is easy to use and will integrate seamlessly to SAP Concur.

Power 2

Expense on the go

Email your expenses into SAP Concur using your preferred email client on mobile or desktop. See below to learn how email expensing works.

Power 3


With our solutions you can create your expense report offline (i.e. in an airplane). Just download your Excel expense report template from EmailXpenC in advance and fill in when convenient. Send the template to reports@emailxpenc.com when back on-line.

Power 4

HTML receipts

Some airlines, hotels and other vendors send their receipts in an email body. With EmailXpenC is it easy and convenient to turn those emails into expenses in SAP Concur. Just forward the email to reports@emailxpenc.com but before sending, add the expense details using our email expensing syntax.

Power 5

Import any expense data

With EmailXpenC you can easily import any expense data into SAP Concur, not only credit card transactions. For example if your mileage tracking is in a separate system from SAP Concur. You can export mileages from that system in excel or CSV format and then import into SAP Concur with EmailXpenC.

Global rollout with Excel expense reporting

Global 1

All expenses in SAP Concur

Bring all units around the world into SAP Concur. EmailXpenC removes all obstacles from migrating all your business units around the world to use SAP Concur.

Global 2

Localized templates

Excel templates can be localized to any language. You are not restricted by the language support in SAP Concur.

Global 3

Regulatory requirements

Even the most complicated local regulatory requirements can be easily managed within Excel templates. See the case Poland to learn more about managing regulatory requirements with EmailXpenC.

Global 4

Fast rollout to a new unit

Because EmailXpenC is based on Excel and email: tools your employees are already familiar with, rolling out SAP Concur to a new unit abroad becomes a breeze. You only need to ask the unit to build an Excel template including all the fields and calculation logic necessary for reporting expenses in that unit. Then just map the fields into your SAP Concur fields. And do not worry, we will help you.

Case: Rollout to a new unit in Poland managed with EmailXpenC
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Automated Excel based expense reporting

Autom 1

Already using spreadsheets?

Is your company already using Excel templates in expense reporting? With EmailXpenC you can automate the reporting process without making your employees to learn new tools and processes.

Autom 2

Delegates ensuring data integrity

Let your employees fill the Excel and send it to expensing assistant for proof reading. If everything is ok the assistant just needs to forward the Excel into SAP Concur. And if something needs to be changed or fixed it is easy to do in the template. Simple and efficient.

Excel expense reporting in a nutshell

Excel Arrow Button or letter Arrow Emailxpenc
Fill the Excel template. Press "Send to SAP Concur" button
or send the report via email.
Check the confirmation email.
Submit your report for approval.
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Email expense reporting in a nutshell

Mobile Arrow Letter Arrow Emailxpenc
Snap a photo of your receipt. Share the photo with email.
Type the expense details into the message.
Check the confirmation email.
Submit your report for approval if no more expenses are expected.
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