CASE: Polish company aquired by a multi national corporation

An international Real Estate company is already using Concur in US. They expanded their operations to Poland by buying a company from Warsaw. This Polish company has operations also in Slovakia, Latvia. The big part of local staff who maintains estates are speaking only local languages.


Expanding SAP Concur to Poland seemed to be quite challenging: Company’s maintenance staff can’t speak English and they understand only local languages. Polish Travel allowance regulations are challenging to implement to Concur and are not ready in SAP Concur. Second challenging requirement was that Personal car mileages where calculated based on price of the fuel and distance. Field staff has no internet connection while they operate on the field. It seemed to be obvious, that tailoring Concur for Poland would have been several months project and training locals to use SAP Concur in English would have been also challenging.


US headquarters decided to order EmailXpenC for their Polish unit. They asked their controller in Poland to create an Excel Expense report template where is formulas for calculating travel allowances and mileages, based on local requirements. Then Company’s Expense administrator created Polish Group Configuration and new expense types for polish travel allowances and car mileages. EmailXpenC development team adjusted the Polish Excel to work whit EmailXpenC.


One week from the start first employees started sending Expense reports to SAP Concur with their Excel. The language in the Excel is Poland, but in Concur reports language is English. Se US based superiors and processors are now able to handle expense reports easily. The costs of the Polish company became visible and comparative with other units. Company saved a huge amount of money and time when they didn’t have to start tailoring SAP Concur and train Polish users to use the system. End users in Poland were happy since they were able to create expense reports during their trip and send to SAP Concur when they came back to office. Also delegates were satisfied since they were able to create expense reports easily for those who didn’t have a computer in use.