Credit Card Transaction Import

Are you not getting your credit card transactions into SAP Concur with the usual feed? Then you can use EmailXpenC to import the transactions. You just need to download the transactions in excel format from your bank or card issuer and then use our import tool to push them into Concur.

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How it works

You need to first contact EmailXpenC sales to create a company account for you. After your company account is ready and connected with your SAP Concur instance you can start importing transactions.

1. Start new import

Navigate to "Company Admin" -> "Excel import" and you will see a page to start a new import. Here you select the excel file to be used in the import. You can select a previously saved import configuration (you can save the configuration at the end of the import).

You can import transactions as normal expense reports or quick expenses. Normal expense report option will create a new expense report for each user that has transactions in the import file and save the transactions into the report. This option is more flexible and supports all your custom fields. Quick Expenses option imports the transactions into "Available Expenses" box. Users will need to move the transactions into a report by them selves. Quick Expenses option is more limited in the available fields.

If your employees use Expense IT product we recommend importing the transactions as normal expense reports. It works nicely together with Expense IT.

2. Select header row

The next step is to select the header row from the imported file. The tool automatically suggests the row that is longest.

3. Column mapping

In this step you define how the data in the excel file is imported. On the top of the screen you need to select default values for Expense Type, Currency and Payment Type. In the middle you select which excel columns are imported and to which fields in SAP Concur. One of the columns needs to contain the user to whom the expenses are imported to.

If you selected the "normal expense reports" option in the beginning. This page has also an option where you can make the import to use an existing report if there is one available. Also you can define the name of the report that will be created if a report needs to be created.

Also in the "normal expense reports" option you can use the "foreign currency" and "foreign amount" fields if the transaction was made with a foreign currency and your excel file has the foreign amount in a separate column. EmailXpenC will use this information to calculate the exchange rate and send it to SAP Concur so that the amounts in SAP Concur will match to the amount your company was charged.

4. User mapping

If the tool was not able to automatically find a matching user for all the rows it will show you a screen where you can select the correct user for the expenses. One of the most common reason for this to happen is that your employee has slightly different name in SAP Concur and on the credit card. Or if you have more than one user with the same name.

5. Confirmation

Before the import actually happens you will see a confirmation page where you can check that everything is the way it should be.

At this point our tool has checked from SAP Concur if some of the transactions have already been imported or otherwise added to SAP Concur. Those transactions are not going to be imported as we don't want to create duplicates. Our tool also takes into account that there can be more than one transaction with the same amount on the same day. In this case we count the number of transactions in SAP Concur and in the excel file and import only the transactions that were missing from SAP Concur.

6. Done

Once all the transactions have been imported you will see a done page. On this page you can save the import configurations for later use. It will save the used columns, defaults, users and more. Pretty much all the details are saved so that when you import the next transaction file you don't need to reconfigure everything again.

If you used a saved configuration for the import, then the done page has a button for updating the saved configuration with any changes you made into the configurations.

The import tool can be used to import thousands of transactions for multiple users. For simplicity, the import in the pictures had only a few transactions for two different users.

How to start using the tool?

It is easy. Fill in our company registration form. You will need credentials for a Web Services Administrator user. The form has instructions for how to create such user if that is a new thing to you.

After the registration EmailXpenC synchronizes with your SAP Concur instance. Depending on how big your SAP Concur installation is it may take anything from few minutes to few hours. Once the synchronization is done, you can start importing transactions to SAP Concur.