Excel User guide

Create a New Report:

Download the template

Log in to your SAP Concur account on EmailXpenC website and go to ’My Expenses -> Downloads’ section. Next, choose the expense template
- Expense & Mileage for both expenses and mileages
- Mileage for only mileages

Fill in Report Information

Your Concur Login ID and Report Date should be automatically filled in by the system. Simply enter Report Name, Business Purpose and Comment (optional) to get started.

Note for Delegates: Please enter your delegator's Concur Login ID to create the report on behalf of the delegator.

Fill in Expense Information

Open the Excel® template and select the correct sheet:
- ’Expenses’ for all expense types excluding mileage
- ’Mileage’ for mileage expenses

Start by selecting the expense type row on the Expense Type column. After choosing the expense type fill in the other fields. The expense can be sent to SAP Concur when at least Expense Type and Amount fields are filled, but your organization might have more mandatory fields. Missing a mandatory field is not a big issue. If any mandatory fields are not filled you need to fill them in SAP Concur before you are able to submit the report for approval.

Simply input the Date, From location, To location, Description and Distance of your mileage entry. The Expense field will be calculated automatically based on the information you have given.

Attach receipts

To attach receipts, simply click the Receipt file name cell and a macro will open a file browsers for you. Select the receipt file from your computer. If macros are not enabled you need to fill in the file name of the receipt in the Receipt file name column on the corresponding row.

Delegate Reporting

To send the report as a delegate, simply input your delegator’s Concur Login ID to the Concur Login ID field.

Submitting the Report:

Send the Report

After you have finished writing the report, just click the "Send to SAP Concur" button in the top part of the template. If the macros are not enabled you can send the report by attaching it to an email along with any receipts and send the files to reports@emailxpenc.com

Confirmation Message

Shortly after sending the report, you will receive a confirmation message along with a summary of your report. To submit the report for approval, you may click the submit for approval button on the confirmation message. Show picture.

Field descriptions:

Expense type

Type the exact name of the Expense Type in question (not case sensitive). EmailXpenC automatically fetches all your existing expense types from the Concur server and includes them into a dropdown menu for your convenience.

Transaction date

Optional field.

Format: Any format that is understood by the Excel.

Default: Current date


Format: Excel number format


Optional field.

Format: Currency can be given as an ISO currency code (EUR, CAD, CNY, GBP, etc.)

Default: Your default currency defined in Concur.

Business Purpose

Describe the business purpose of the expense. For example, 'Client Dinner'


Optional field. Adds a comment on your expense item.


Optional field.

Make sure to type the exact city name. Spelling mistakes may result in system not recognizing the city, in which case you will be informed in the confirmation message. The system can tolerate some spelling mistakes.


Optional (but highly recommended) field.

Country: Input as two or three letter code or the full name of the country.
State: Input as the two letter code or the full name of the state.

For example, all of the following forms are accepted:
- FR, FRA or France
- TX or Texas
- Combination: US TX, US Texas or United States Texas.

Note: If the country/state field is not defined and we find multiple matches, the system prioritizes the city with the most inhabitants

Vendor (name of the vendor company)

Optional field.

Receipt's file name

Optional field.

Use the file browser opened by a macro or type in the exact file name of the corresponding receipt. For example, 'hotel_receipt.pdf'

Payment type

Optional field.

Personal excel templates will have dropdown menus with your available payment types.

Default: 'Cash' or 'Out of Pocket'